"I heard about life coaches, career coaches and more. Initially, I was looking for a career coach thinking that my personal life was pretty much in order after I went through a few bumps a year or two ago. I was ready to close that chapter and welcome a new one and after some internet searching, I chanced upon Jasmin. Little did I know that the six sessions I will be having with Jasmin turned out to be the best investment ever and that in order for me to move forward with my career, there were some aspects in my life that needed some tweaking.

Jasmin has this calming presence that allowed me to remove my barriers. She listened without prejudice and asked me thought-provoking questions which made me explore a whole new perspective. I can't really rationalize it - I consider it magical!

Things became clearer and interestingly enough, I no longer became fickle-minded. Jasmin helped me find my grand vision in life and she pointed me towards the right direction.

If you ever are in a phase where you are unclear of the next steps, lost some confidence at some point... see Jasmin. She may be named after a Disney Princess (she looks like one too) but she sure is more than that -  she makes you see reality, helps you discover your strengths and unknowingly unravels the Princesses and Queens in you. After all, it was never lost... Jasmin just needed to poke it to life."

Queen K,
Regional Marketing Manager, ASIA soon to be Global :)

“I can´t thank evoke coaching enough for this amazing experience and for showing me what I am capable of! 

I engaged evoke coaching at a time when I was unhappy in my role and knew that something had to change. I realized I needed help in discovering what I really wanted from my career. From the first coaching session I developed a real positive energy and through powerful questions Jasmin was able to guide me to my own answers. Within a few sessions I was clear on what I wanted from my career and took concrete steps towards this goal. Not only was Jasmin very supportive throughout the entire process, but she also held me accountable for the actions I committed to. I am now happier with my career and am better able to balance my work and private life.”

Isabel, Senior Consultant, Management Consultancy, Germany

“Even though I am not exactly the target group of evoke coaching I engaged Jasmin, the owner of evoke coaching, based on a recommendation of a friend of mine. I was actually wondering what next step would be the right one for my career being so far a general manager in human resources at a multinational company. Staying there? Changing to a SME? Starting my own business?
Already in our pre-coaching conversation I recognized the unique mixture of empathy and professionalism, her absolute focus on the client and her structured approach to leading me through my questions.
Throughout the coaching Jasmin made sure not to answer my questions for me or solve my problems. This is not what coaching is about. What Jasmin is excellent at is asking the right questions, encouraging you to change your point of view and giving you the necessary impulse so you can find your own answers and solve your own problems.
Thank you so much for that – I will definitely call you again when I am in need of coaching!”

Christian, General Manager HR, Automotive, Germany

evoke-coaching.net - testimonials

"Like great sports women and men have a coach to motivate them to push themselves and set a plan to achieve their goals as an individual or member of a team, an executive should have and is likely to benefit from a coach.  A great coach can motivate an individual to have clarity on their goals, put a plan in place and achieve them! As individuals we get so caught up in our daily activities that we don't look out for number 1, our self. I am thankful for the opportunity to partner with my coach, Jasmin, she helped me to focus on my own world and what is important to me. It is work in progress but now I have clarity on my yellow brick road, I believe an exciting journey lies ahead of me."

Caryn Moseley, Business Operations & Technology Executive, Singapore

“Jasmin coached me in a time the company I worked for went through a phase of drastic changes. Her proactive and solution oriented approach helped me to stay positive and supportive for my company and team, despite the potentially frustrating challenges we experienced in these days. The way Jasmin led through my sessions felt like the answer to my problem was there all along, I just needed help to see it clearly. Therefore I felt very true to myself in this process and was always energized and eager to apply what we discussed after meeting her.”

Julia, Regional Brand Manager FMCG, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jasmin is a wonderful solution-focused coach. As a coachee you can fully trust her process and feel safe in the environment she creates. It is a very nice mix Jasmin provides in her coaching. With her very warm and friendly appearance and her challenging and creative coaching style Jasmin will create room for development and movement.

Evelyn, Senior Procurement Professional, Switzerland

“I was coached by Jasmin during peer coaching sessions.  With her very natural coaching style, she makes you feel at ease. She quickly installs a trustful relationship and  encourages you in moving forward.  Jasmin has the ability to ask the right questions at the right time, leading you to a new self awareness and to a new perspective of the topic you are working on. She definitely knows how to best support her coachees´ reflection to achieve their goals and she is really passionate about her work.”

Aude, Coach & Consultant, Singapore