With a passion for women´s Empowerment

The aim of evoke coaching is to help women create positive change towards a happier, more fulfilled and balanced life. We look at our client´s life as a whole and use a combination of life coaching, career coaching and leadership coaching techniques to help them discover their potential, realize their goals and dreams and create a well-balanced life.

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So whether you are a business woman feeling stuck in a career that you are not passionate about, a mother wanting to get back into the workforce or a woman curious to explore being a business owner yourself - we are here to help women discover opportunities and make change happen!

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evoke coaching was established in 2012. After 5 successful years in Singapore evoke has recently moved to the heart of Thailand's capital, Bangkok. Our coaching knows no borders and we have helped clients across the world including Austria, China, Dubai, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the US.

Our Story - the woman behind evoke coaching

When we say 'our story' it is the story of Jasmin Braun, owner & certified coach of evoke coaching. 

Jasmin established evoke coaching after moving to Singapore in 2011. Coaching has always been Jasmin´s passion and when she became a mother herself, her focus in coaching started to shift...

Why I coach women…

I have always had very strong female role models in my family and have a deeply rooted belief in the power of women. 

In recent years I became more and more interested in the topics of women and work, the gender gap, glass ceiling and other related topics. At the same time I was a woman in a corporate career thinking about what my professional future will look like if I want to have my own family, take care of my children and still stay in touch with the 'professional me'. 

In 2012 I became a mother for the first time, and it was not only the most wonderful but also the most challenging experience of my life so far. All of a sudden life was not about my goals and dreams anymore, but about this beautiful little person. I had to re-invent myself, re-discover what my life was about and re-define what I wanted my future to be. Speaking to fellow mothers I realized that these were challenges that many of us had in common. 

As a mother of two boys, finding balance between family and work gave me the inspiration to focus on coaching women in their quest for personal and professional fulfillment and a well-balanced life.



It is my passion to help women achieve their full potential and to facilitate their journey to an exciting, fulfilled and happy life. 

I am continuously fascinated and inspired by the amazing women I get the chance to work with. The impact of coaching to their lives is tremendous. Seeing them discover their personal and professional potential, pushing their limits, and getting energized by their new goals and achievements is a very rewarding experience. 

How I coach…

I believe that trust and openness are the most important aspects in a coaching relationship. While I follow a structured approach, flexibility is key in my coaching style, as every client is different. My coaching style is relaxed, purely client-focused and driven towards positive change. Read more about my guiding principles here

My experience with coaching…

Having worked in human resources and management consulting in different multinational companies in Germany and the Middle East, I have been exposed to coaching within the workplace across different cultures. Several years into my career I made the decision to pursue coaching and received formal training from the NeuroLeadership Group®, a brain-based coaching training. The coaching training has given me a great foundation in the field of neuroscience – an invaluable tool in coaching and one that I am passionate about sharing with my clients. I am continuously amazed by how our brains work and know that the way we think determines our actions and therefore success, happiness, and wellbeing. I am a Results Certified Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation ®.



Jasmin Braun   Owner & Certified Coach

Jasmin Braun 
Owner & Certified Coach

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Everyone has inside of her a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!
— Anne Frank