The way we work with you

TRUST AND OPENNESS are the foundation of any good coaching relationship.

It is important to us that our clients feel safe and supported in our coaching sessions and we believe that only then can we achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We make clear agreements and speak about expectations right from the start. Every client is different, has different values and perceptions and we ensure that these are respected at all times. - trust and openness

Our coaching conversations are geared towards POSITIVE CHANGE.

In our coaching sessions we focus on potential, dreams and future change rather than the past and problems. Thinking about solutions and the future immediately creates a positive energy in our brains which makes us more creative, open to new ideas and ultimately happier. Often times we tell our clients that anything is possible, that the sky is not the limit. Broadening our clients´ thinking opens up new perspectives and hence a whole new world of possibilities for positive change. This is what makes coaching such a powerful experience!

Our coaching approach is purely CLIENT-FOCUSED.

When we think, learn, invent, create and solve problems, we do it with our own brain. A coach cannot do the thinking for you, but can support you on your journey, ask the right questions and challenge your thinking. We are not here to give you solutions or do the thinking for you. The change in your life comes from you, and only if it does, will it work for you and be fulfilling. Goals form an important part of your coaching journey. We begin every coaching engagement by guiding our clients through a process to set inspiring goals for themselves. Goals give the entire coaching journey a direction and makes it possible to measure progress on the way. - client focus - flexible framework

Our coaching sessions are delivered within a FLEXIBLE FRAMEWORK.

Having a structured framework in place creates a sense of safety and certainty making our clients feel comfortable and secure. Knowing what to expect from a coaching session allows our clients to focus on what really matters – creating positive change. For example, we begin and end every coaching session in the same way. And just like we recognize a familiar smell, our brain can recognize what is going to happen and brings us into the right mindset for the coaching conversation.