Your way to a healthy body and healthy mind

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It’s been a busy first half of the year, hasn’t it? Here at evoke we’ve been working with some amazing women in corporate careers, working mothers and women entrepreneurs. And many of them had one question in common – how do you stay healthy and focused when there is so much going on?

I can very much relate to this. When we are short on time it is hard to find the focus and time to ensure we eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and keep our mind set on the things we want to do and achieve. Thankfully we have a wonderful partner in PureVitality Nutrition Concepts Pte Ltd, a Singapore based nutrition and wellness coaching company run by the wonderful Karen Aroney. Karen and I are both passionate about helping women live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, and so we are joining forces to help YOU achieve just that!

Healthy Body. Healthy Mind.
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Work with two professionals within the nutrition and personal coaching field and make this summer your time for self-care. Get into healthier eating habits, set inspiring goals for yourself and set yourself up for a successful, healthy and re-energized rest of 2015.

Contact me to book in your free introductory session and take charge of your body and mind!

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