How we connect - being connected

In our current day and age we are all very connected. All the time. On our phones, our laptops and tablets. This is not the kind of 'being connected' that I want to speak about here. It is the connection between people in person, face-to-face, where handshakes happen and energy is felt. But why is it so important? Isn´t it good enough to just connect online and in the virtual sphere?

Being virtually connected is not a bad thing. It allows us to have bigger networks and to access them instantly if we need to. But it also takes away a lot of what connecting with others is about.

Think about any gathering, whether business or private. Why do you think gatherings in person still happen? Technology nowadays is so advanced that we could easily get together with our friends and colleagues virtually, be it to catch up or for a conference. The actual information delivered would probably be the same as we would all sit at our laptops in our own homes or offices. But what doesn´t come across in the virtual sphere is the real human interactions, the quick chat in the conference break, the pat on the shoulder by your boss or the great conversation with a friend while waiting for your table. These are the things that make connecting with people real, live and sensory. These are the things that make us really feel connected. When we can sense the other person´s energy, when we can hear every nuance of the sound of their voice, when we get that quick pat on the shoulder or a hug at the end of a good conversation with a friend.

So why wouldn´t we apply this very same principle to how we connect in a business sense. I attend many networking events and small group meetups with fellow entrepreneurs. And every time I walk away, I feel a level of energy, inspiration and satisfaction that can not be replicated by connecting virtually. Feeling the energy in the room, being able to have that quick chat on the side and having the opportunity to shake somebody´s hand is invaluable to me. I would not want to miss it for anything. Yes, it might take a bit longer, and I might have to make my way to a different location, but it is so worth it. It makes meaningful, inspiring, and satisfying conversations and interactions happen.