empowering women. Inspiring change.

Welcome to evoke coaching!

At evoke coaching we empower women to create positive change in their personal and professional lives.

How we do that? We work with women in one-on-one coaching, provide small group workshops and run coaching programs and workshops for corporates that want to support the women within their organization.
We believe that women can achieve amazing things both at home and at work and have the right to a life they are excited, fulfilled and balanced in.

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Personal Coaching

Do you feel stuck in a career you are not passionate about, not sure what kind of job is right for you, want to get back into the workforce after having children, or want to have a more balanced life juggling the different roles in your life? If you are ready to make changes in your life towards greater personal and professional fulfillment we are just what you need! Read more...



Exchanging ideas, challenges and goals can be invaluable in driving us forward. That´s why we offer interactive workshops during which women can share experiences, explore opportunities and ideas and learn something new. We discuss topics that are relevant to you and help you become happier and more balanced! Read more about the workshops we offer.